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Frequently Asked Questions

What is On Deck?

On Deck is a dinner series and evolving community of world class entrepreneurs who are openly — or secretly — about to start their next thing. Currently, the community includes: successful repeat founders, EIRs at top-tier VC firms, and great designers and developers at companies like Facebook, Dropbox, Airbnb, and more.

What’s the point of On Deck?

On Deck emerged out of a need for prospective founders to have a safe space to talk about their ideas and desire to start a company (or join another company), freely and confidentially. So much goes into successfully launching a company, and we wanted to create a thoughtfully curated community that truly supports the growth of entrepreneurs and their startups.

Where is it located?

In-person events are currently being hosted across the United States: San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Boulder. We’ve also gone international with active communities in London, New Delhi, and Tel Aviv. We’re intentionally keeping each community small to create tight-knit groups of founders and ensure confidentiality.

What’s the goal of On Deck?

The goal is to help amazing operators in the “On Deck” phase find the following:

  • Sounding boards — people to brainstorm with and bounce ideas around with
  • Co-founders
  • First hires
  • Investors
  • Startup tools and resources
  • Exclusive advice from top-tier investors and entrepreneurs
  • Other companies to join (if that’s potentially what you’re looking for)

What if my company finds out?

First, your name will be completely confidential and there will be a strict off the record policy. And don’t worry: A few great founders/investors will be attending dinners as "advisors," so if you get caught, you can just say you’re there to "advise.” We'll cover for you. :)

What if I want to join a company instead of start one?

This is the perfect place to meet people looking to hire, both for small and big companies.

"On Deck brings world class entrepreneurs together. We're excited to support these events and meet potential YC founders through it."

Michael Seibel

Partner at YC

"I've been to Erik's On Deck events and they are consistently high quality. This kind of thing is easy to start but hard to execute well. On Deck does it right."

Jared Friedman

Partner at YC

"When people ask me how to break into the startup world, I tell them to get in a room and start talking and doing all they can to be helpful. Cheers to Erik for creating the room. We have all needed this for so long."

Chris Sacca

Chairman, Lowercase Capital

"I even left one low key brunch with an angel investment, which ended up being doubled once we continued the conversation. Bottom line: if you have a soul that needs to make or move, you'll want to be in this tribe"

Bea Arthur

Founder & CEO of In Your Corner

"I always meet interesting, cool people at Erik's events, and he always does it right! Worth it every time. I'm going to go to as many On Deck stuff as I can because I know I'll meet someone awesome who's working on cool shit."

Arielle Zuckerberg

Partner at Kleiner Perkins

"I went to a bunch of Erik's dinners after I left LivingSocial to explore my next move, and I met some great people who have become colleagues and friends as I've moved on to Lightspeed. I'm a big fan!"

Aaron Batallion

Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

"Unlike most other organized networking dinners, Erik's are incredibly curated and inspiring. Not only is he thoughtful about who he (literally) brings to each table, he facilitates the dinners so that the conversations are honest and relevant for each person. I've never walked away from one of his dinners without at least three great conversations and am still in touch with all of those people today."

Mina Radhakrishnan

EIR at Redpoint

"Erik is a master at bringing people together. Through his dinners, I’ve met investors, hires, and, had fantastic conversations with fascinating people."

Jonathan Swanson

Founder of Thumbtack

"Erik is a thoughtful curator. A single hour at one of his carefully crafted tables of great people yielded advisors, friends and $100k+ in my convertible note round."

Ryan Leslie

Recording Artist & Producer

"Erik's dinners are epic. I sat next to an artist I'd never heard of before and had a two-hour conversation spanning the future of work, hip-hop, and tequila. A sweet antidote to the typical tech dinner."

Leila Janah

Founder of Sama

"The first steps in a founder's journey are often the hardest. On Deck moves fast to identify and validate ideas, and then deliver concrete tools to help companies do the hard work of building something from nothing. I didn't just get $100,000 in angel funding - I got many multiples of that value from Erik and the On Deck network."

Tammy Sun

Founder of Carrot